Palm Oil Developments No.66 (June 2017) p14-17
Survey on Commercial Palm Olein and Oil Extracted from Snack Products in Selected Asian Countries – Part 2: Quantification of 3-monochloropropane-1, 2-diol Esters (3-MCPDE)
Raznim Arni Abd Razak*, Azmil Haizam Ahmad Tarmizi* and Ainie Kuntom*

Palm Oil Developments No.66 (June 2017) p5-13
Recent Developments in Palm-based Lubricants
Tang Sook Wah*, Lim Wen Huei*, Yeong Shoot Kian* and Zainab Idris*

Palm Oil Developments No.66 (June 2017) p1-4
Nanomaterials – Recent Advancements in Edible Coating Technology
Siti Hazirah Mohamad Fauzi* and Noor Armylisas Abu Hassan*

Palm Oil Developments No.67 (December 2017) p1-5
Technological Developments for the Production of High Oleic Palm Oil
Muhamad Roddy Ramli*, Saw Mei Huey* and Siew Wai Lin#

Palm Oil Developments No.60 (June 2014) p24-27
Offer for Technology Adoption of MPOB Modified Fractionation Programme for Increased Olein Yield
Chong Chiew Let* and Yeoh Chee Beng*